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Houze, et al. v. BrassCraft Manufacturing Company, et al. (Case No. BC493276)

Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles

If you own or have owned a Residential Property Unit(s) and/or a Commercial Property Unit(s) located in the United States that contains or has ever contained a BrassCraft Manufacturing Company ("BrassCraft") potable water plumbing component, including stop valves, connectors and fittings, made with yellow brass manufactured and/or sold by BrassCraft ("Covered Products"), you may be a Settlement Class Member in a pending class action lawsuit and your rights may be affected.

This website has been created to inform you of the class action lawsuit pending in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles before the Honorable Jane L. Johnson entitled Houze v. BrassCraft Manufacturing Company, Case No. BC493276 (“the Litigation”).  The parties have proposed to settle the Litigation.  This website provides information how the proposed settlement may affect your legal rights and your options if you are a Settlement Class Member.

Plaintiffs allege they have suffered damages arising out of alleged defects in certain potable water plumbing system components and sub-components made of yellow brass (copper alloys with zinc content of 15% or greater by weight) and designed to be regularly in contact with water, including, but not limited to, those specifically identified in Schedule 1 - Photographs of Sample Covered Products.  For details on the Litigation, please refer to the Notice found on the Case Documents page on this website.

BrassCraft denies allegations made by Plaintiffs and denies any wrongdoing or liability of any kind.  Among other things, BrassCraft maintains and believes that the Covered Products are of high quality and do not violate any standard or law.  BrassCraft further maintains and believes that it has, at all times, complied with all applicable federal and state laws.

The settlement and its terms are set forth in the Settlement Agreement and its associated exhibits, found on the Case Documents page on this website.  Other informational summaries found on this website do not change the terms of the settlement or any requirements that may be applicable to you.

Please carefully review the information on this website for answers to questions you may have.  If you have further questions, contact information for the Claims Administrator is available on the Contact Us page.  Please do not call the Court, Brasscraft, EZ-Flo or Brasscraft’s counsel with questions about the settlement.


DO NOTHING: If you do nothing, you have the opportunity to participate in the settlement benefits and will be bound by its terms if it is approved by the Court.

FILE A CLAIM:  Review the Settlement Claim Form to see if you are eligible to make a claim.  *If you are eligible for relief under this settlement, you must complete and submit a Claim Form within the appropriate claim periods. You can review and print a Claim Form on the Claim Form page on this website.

EXCLUDE YOURSELF:  Write to the Claims Administrator if you do not want to benefit from or be bound by this settlement.  Refer to FAQ 16 for more information on how to request an exclusion.  Exclusions must be in writing and postmarked on or before June 29, 2016.

OBJECT: File an objection with the Claims Administrator if you are not satisfied with the settlement. Refer to FAQ 17 for more information on how to object to the settlement.  Written objections must be postmarked on or before June 29, 2016.  The Court will consider oral objections made at the Fairness Hearing.

GO TO THE  SETTLEMENT FAIRNESS HEARING:  You may attend and, subject to certain requirements, speak at the Fairness Hearing.  The Fairness Hearing is continued to September 7, 2016 at 1:45 p.m.  Refer to FAQ 18 for more information on the Fairness Hearing.